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Are you protecting your freedom to operate by engaging with your stakeholders?


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Knowing who your stakeholders are, what's important to them and engaging in dialogue on issues of mutual importance is no longer a reputational consideration; it's a business decision. 

"The Stakeholder Engagement Playbook: Your Guide to Securing Freedom to Operate" by industry leader Julie Steininger covers:SE playbook cover

  • Why stakeholder engagement should be treated as a business priority
  • A three-step approach to building a positive reputation through stakeholder engagement
  • Five key elements of an effective stakeholder engagement plan


Julie Steininger, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

Julie S_small

Julie works with clients in complex industries – agriculture, health care, plant and life sciences, and financial services – to build value and trust with the audiences that matter most to them. As a strong advocate for stakeholder engagement, she encourages her clients to understand, by listening and having ongoing, open dialogue, the expectations of those impacted by their decisions and actions. She believes it is critical for companies and organizations to engage in conversation with their stakeholders, which includes everyone in the value chain – often with consumers as the final link – to first understand what stakeholders expect and then to share how they are meeting those expectations through their business operations, social impact and financial stability.