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Are you looking to close more sales and improve results?


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Often, top-line growth comes from something big, like an acquisition or bringing something new to market. But that’s not the only way to hit your numbers.

Sales enablement is about improving your results at every step of the sales process. 

"Growing B2B Sales with Sales Enablement: 5 Key Strategies" shows you how to:

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  • Share the right message at the right time in the sales process
  • Give your sales team exactly what they need to do their job
  • Create winning sales materials
  • Train your sales teams so they can deliver


Ashlyn Brewer, Vice President and Strategist


As a vice president at Standing Partnership, Ashlyn designs programs that help her clients drive sales and accelerate growth. With clients from the Fortune 500 to the mid-sized
and privately held, she has broad experience helping companies improve their sales and marketing performance.

Her expertise includes:

• Growth Strategy – Facilitating a process for clients to select their growth drivers and build an action plan to hit ambitious revenue targets.
• Sales Enablement – Helping clients improve sales performance with better messaging, collateral and technology.
• Demand Generation – Filling the sales pipeline for clients, including generating high-quality leads and removing roadblocks throughout the sales process

Ashlyn also serves on the firm’s leadership team.