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Are your marketing efforts growing your company's bottom line?


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Nearly 70% of CEOs believe chief marketing officers should be leading revenue growth - is your department prepared for this challenge?

Marketing is changing, and the expectations have never been higher. With the right tools and strategy, you’ll prove your department is a revenue center - not a cost center. And in this climate, it’s expected.

The "Ultimate Growth Marketing Playbook" by industry leaders Ashlyn Brewer and Nick Sargent covers:Growth Marketing Playbook_Cover

  • How to leverage inbound marketing, digital marketing and sales alignment to connect marketing to dollars
  • How to build the right team and set of tools for growth marketing success
  • How to get your company on board with growth marketing


Ashlyn Brewer, Senior Vice President and Strategist


Ashlyn, senior vice president and strategist at Standing Partnership, is an experienced digital marketing and growth expert who helps clients rethink and execute effective marketing strategies. As a vice president at Standing Partnership, Ashlyn designs programs that help her clients drive sales and accelerate growth. With clients from the Fortune 500 to the mid-sized and privately held, she has broad experience helping companies improve their sales and marketing performance.

Her expertise includes:
Growth Strategy: Facilitating a process for clients to select their growth drivers and build an action plan to hit ambitious revenue targets.
Sales Enablement: Helping clients improve sales performance with better messaging, collateral and technology.
Demand Generation: Filling the sales pipeline for clients, including generating high-quality leads and removing roadblocks throughout the sales process.


Nick Sargent, Vice President 


Nick helps clients engage with their most important stakeholders, coaching them on how to share stories and leverage influencers to achieve their organizational goals in the digital world. As Standing’s customer experience expert, clients trust Nick to discover turbulence in their buyers’ journey and craft strategies that turn unhappy customers into advocates. In a business environment where buyers are both empowered by technology and bombarded by sales in marketing because of it, Nick shows businesses how improving Cx improves customer retention and increases share of wallet. Nick loves to learn and share that knowledge with others – whether that’s training client teams on how to better serve customers or leading companywide training for his Standing co-workers.