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Taking too long to respond or responding inappropriately damages your company’s reputation—and potentially your career.

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In a crisis, your company’s reputation erodes in minutes. We move quickly because you have to move quickly. Under intense scrutiny, every action and statement is judged. It’s a time when important relationships can quickly change – for the better or worse. Are you prepared?

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Three Things NOT to Do During a Crisis

These are the first 3 things we tell our clients when they seek our help during a crisis:

Don’t say “No comment.” Implies you’re hiding something. And, you’ve missed your opportunity to convey important messages to your critical stakeholders about how you’re handling the issue.

Don’t try to hide or avoid the truth. There’s a temptation to be selective with the truth to “look better” during a crisis. To rebuild trust, you must be transparent with your stakeholders. Your risk of significant reputational damage increases when you hide details about the crisis. Stakeholders are more forgiving of the crisis when it’s dealt with proactively and transparently than if they sense – or discover – a cover-up.

Don’t hide behind your attorney. During a crisis, legal counsel should be at the table, but not necessarily driving communications. If your attorney advises you to not communicate or hands you messages filled with legal jargon proceed with caution. Stakeholders demand transparency and authenticity during a crisis – anything less destroys trusts and credibility.

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