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The B2B Journey Mapping Playbook

Does your company offer a seamless customer experience that sets you apart from your competition? Improved customer retention is a sure way to increase profits. Just a 5% increase in customer retention rates can boost profits by 25% or more.

The customer experience of B2B customers has not evolved at the same pace as the experience offered by B2C companies. Yet, buyers expect the same seamless experience – at home and at work. The most valuable tool organizations can use to improve their customer retention rates is the customer journey map.

“The B2B Journey Mapping Playbook” by Cx expert Nick Sargent is a must-have resource that will help you determine where your customer experience falls short so you can prioritize areas of improvement to increase retention. It covers:

  • How to choose and develop the right journey map for your organization.
  • The key components of the journey map to help you determine if your customers’ expectations are met as they navigate through your company’s offerings and where problems happen.
  • How to derive insights from the journey map to improve customer experience.
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Nick Sargent, Vice President

As Standing’s customer experience expert, clients trust Nick to discover turbulence in their buyers’ journey and craft strategies that turn unhappy customers into advocates. In a business environment where buyers are both empowered by technology and bombarded by sales in marketing because of it, Nick shows businesses how improving Cx improves customer retention and increases share of wallet. Nick loves to learn and share that knowledge with others – whether that’s training client teams on how to better serve customers or leading companywide training for his Standing co-workers.